The Bay Area has a way of transforming familiar elements into strikingly original new sounds, and the quartet Solate embodies the best of this alchemical reaction. Built upon the graceful guitar work of Joel Mandella and interlocking bass lines of Kevin Goldberg, Solate features the translucent vocals of Maya Vilaplana and luscious harmonies of Marissa Bergmann. Flowing with the crisp and inviting momentum of an alpine stream, but charged with the sultry heat of a Caribbean sunset, Solate creates an indie-soul sound that feels reassuringly familiar and tantalizingly enigmatic.

— Yerba Buena Gardens Festival
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About the Band

Solate fluidly blends rhythmic guitar compositions of Joel Mandella with melodic storytelling of Maya Vilaplana in a unique indie-soul experience. Emboldened and enhanced by the vocal harmonies of Marissa Bergmann and the bass stylings of Kevin Goldberg, Solate’s music is sure to move and uplift you!

Currently based in the Bay Area of California, Solate has performed at various venues and festivals around the Bay Area, and is looking forward to sharing their music with anyone who loves a good guitar lick and a heartfelt lullaby.

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February 17, 2019
Oakland Secret

— PAST —

Yerba Buena Gardens Festival
First Voice Studio
Starry Plough, Berkeley
The Hive, Oakland
Berkeley Jazz School

Complete List of PAST SHOWS.

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